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My Go To Decorating Item

I can't get enough of vases. A good, quality glass vase can make any space look a hundred times better and the reason I love them so much is that you can use them to create your own unique look. They can be used for flowers of course, whether you've got one long stem or a whole bunch. Different flowers can create different looks so there are a tonne of different ways to use a vase right there. But they can also be used with candles like this Or my personal favourite, with candles and water like this Or you can fill them with sand or pebbles or even candy! We've filled vases with seashells after a day at the...

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The Importance of Coasters

The importance of coasters.  Now that's a first world problem if I ever heard one! My mother was always so fanatical about putting drinks on coasters. It's probably why I rebelled and held out for so long. Just to be the opposite of her (I know I have mummy issues but my mother makes Adora from Sharp Objects look like June Cleaver.) However, I recently bought the most gorgeous bedside drawers (I truly am in love with them) and an incident caused me to have a bizarre out-of-body experience.  My wonderful son decided to bring me a drink and all of a sudden my mothers voice burst from my lips. It shrieked 'Not on the drawers, it will leave a...

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Cold Mornings and Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate on a cold, winter's morning is a MUST HAVE!  But if you leave late like I always do, you'll need something to put it in.  This travel tumbler is a NEED not a want. It will keep your hot chockie nice and hot and because it has my name on it, no-one can knick it and say they didn't know it was mine! More perfect than the hot chocolate inside! Get one of your own here

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Welcome to Our Home!

There's nothing like a warm cosy home is there? Home is where you go when the work day is done.  Home is where you spend time with the people you love most in the world. Home is where you can escape from the hustle and bustle that is every day life. That's why it's so important to fill your home with the things that you love.  Things that are unique to only you and your family. Things that provide warmth and comfort. Things that mean something. And that's why we're here. To help you make your house the home it should be. I've always been obsessed with anything that makes me feel comfortable. I'm the girl who pulls her bra...

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